Over our lifetime we create and gather a vast amount of documentation which we don’t realise has worth until the moment we cant find it or need it immediately.

Now imagine your family trying to unravel your affairs in the event of an accident or on your passing. Remove this burden from you family by building your Mii-VAULT to give them Peace of Mind and to ensure they receive the full value of your estate.

Easy to use

Secure Digital Inheritance

Mii-VAULT is an easy to use, secure, online repository where individuals or families can organise and store copies of all of their important documents, images and video files. Security of your documents is our number one priority. Your documents are encrypted while they are transferring via the Internet and when they are stored, it’s so secure, even we can’t read them.

Designed with security and ease of use in mind

It’s so easy to use. Just because everything is incredibly secure, it doesn’t mean it has to be slow or difficult. With our step by step guides and video tutorials, you’ll be able to start uploading your documents straight away.

Mii-VAULT Features

Mii-VAULT is “feature rich” and getting better every day. Check out these three examples below.


Who Do I call

If your beneficiaries need to contact someone to manage your affairs on your behalf, they will need to know who to call. Even with the vault locked, they can still see the contact details of your primary lawyer and executors of your will who have been selected as key-holders. This allows them to then ask for the vault to be unlocked.


On Line Editing

With the Mii-VAULT on-line editor, you can create documents and store them directly into your vault without the need to upload files. For example you could cut and paste a list of bank account details for multiple banks into the editor and then save the file as “Bank Details”.


Password Keeper

We live in a world of multiple passwords for multiple websites, email accounts bank accounts etc. Password Keeper helps to keep track of all of your login details and passwords for social media and more. It also allows your relatives to manage your social media for you at a later date.

“Mii-VAULT is awesome! It’s just what I needed to secure all of my information and it’s so easy to use. I have recommended it to all of my friends”

Nathalie Nassar

Sales Operations Consultant

“As a former Solicitor dealing with Wills and estate planning, I often found cases where the family had no idea whether the deceased had a Will, where it was or whether there was a more recent version. Similarly, bank accounts, share portfolios and insurance policies presented a similar problem. Mii-VAULT provides a solution to that problem.”

Adrian Watts

Retired Solicitor

“Given that Mii-VAULT was born out of my own personal circumstances and needs, I am totally over the moon with the design, functionality and ease of use. I didn’t really like any of the other products on the market so Mii-VAULT was built to my requirements and it’s incredible. I am user number one and I have committed to Mii-VAULT 100% by storing all of my own personal documents, images, videos etc. at the site.”

Mal Flawith


Supports all major file types

Use our text editor feature to save your files straight to your vault.

Our Model

  • Our Unique Features
  • Build your Estate Planning service underpinned by Mii-VAULT secure digital storage. With online digital storage security is at our forefront of thinking, delivering you and your clients with a robust, safe environment to store important information.
  • A Super Secure Vault
  • Vault Size 10GB
  • 256 Bit Encryption on all Data
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Secure EV SSL
  • Password Keeper
  • One Free Account
  • Contact Us
  • Powered by Mii-VAULT
  • A license model designed for partners who wish to have their clients connect via their own website with their own logo displayed and who wish to create their own service and set their own price and invoice clients directly.
  • Your brand front and centre
  • In partnership with Mii-VAULT
  • All the features of Mii-VAULT
  • Build your own Estate Planning Vault Service
  • Start new conversations with your clients
  • Increase client retention
  • Increase annuity revenues
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